Ford PATS Delete Service 1996 - 2004 EEC V

  • $125.00

Service for deleting PATS from 1996 to 2005 Ford Engine Computer. 

PATS stands for Passive Anti-theft System or Fords security system. 

This service is perfect for engine swaps or if the PATS system is malfunctioning on your vehicle.  This is also useful if you no longer want to have to purchase expensive keys that need programmed.  

Send us your computer and we will modify it to disable the system which will allow the vehicle to run without a functioning transponder key. 

If you would like to know if we are able to perform this procedure on your vehicle contact us with your Catch code.  This is the 4 character code on the tag of the computer.  If you need a diagram of which one that is please refer to the picture.   

Once you have confirmed with us that we are able to perform this service on your specific computer, purchase the service and mail your computer with a copy of your invoice to:

Garrett Tuning

559 Breiton Circle

Barberton OH 44203

Download our Order Form and send it to us with your computer after purchase if you would like to provide any additional details or have any additional requests.  The link is below. 

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