2015 - 2023 Hemi V8 V6 MDS Multi-Displacement System Delete Programming Service GPEC2A

2015 - 2023 Hemi V8 V6 MDS Multi-Displacement System Delete Programming Service GPEC2A

  • $550.00

This is a service to disable the Multi-Displacement system Mopar engines.  This service will work on all models of Mopar Hemi V8 engines as well as V6 engines.  We are not sending you a physical item, you are sending us your computer for the programming service to be performed.  

Send us your engine computer and we will permanently disable the system.  You will no longer have to worry about having the engine shutdown cylinders making the vehicle feel sluggish.  Your engine will always run on the maximum number of cylinders the engine has.

This will work with both factory equivalent spec aftermarket camshaft replacements that have had the lifters swapped to NON MDS and the physical hardware changed to physically delete the system as well as factory MDS Lifters.  This means that if you can choose whether or not to change the physical hardware in the engine or not.  You don't have to unless you want.  You can leave the factory MDS system dormant as long as it was functioning normally and you just shut it off in the programming functions.  This also means that you wont throw a check engine light for the circuit faults associated with the solenoid system.  That is what makes this the superior programming option rather than installing a unit   

Many people elect to disable this system especially after modifying their vehicle.  This is one of the first things that people remove due to the issues that the systems have as well as the lack of power when the system is active. 
After purchasing please send your computer to: 


18221 State Route 58

Wellington OH 44090

We will perform the service and send it back to you.  Programming time is usually one business day.

If you need a computer supplied for you or have any questions please do not hesitate to call us or send us an email. Please have pictures of your computer handy as we may ask you to send us a picture of the tag of the controller.