14-16 LT1 Corvette VATS Delete

  • $125.00

This is a service for the removal of the VATS (Vehicle Anti-theft System)  on 2014 to 2016 Corvette

This is good to get your engine swap up and running or if you are having issues with the vehicle antitheft system on your factory vehicle and wish to bypass in in the ECM.  

You will send us your computer or we can provide you with one.  If you wish for us to send you a computer simply purchase one from our Factory ECM Category.

When shipping your computer please include a copy of your invoice that has your order number as a well the order form with all of your information.  This is for the VATS delete only.  Please contact us if you need additional services.  

After purchasing please fill out our order form that is attached to your order confirmation email.