Chrysler Jeep Dodge ECM PCM Security removal SKIM Delete Programming

  • $125.00

This is a service to delete the SKIM (Sentry key immobilizer module) from your engine computer. We are not providing you with a physical part. You are shipping your computer to us to be modified.

-Are you having problems with your security system on your Chrysler Jeep or Dodge? Simply send us your computer and we will remove the security from the engine computer and send it back to you.

-All controller types are currently covered from 1996 up through 2010. Only NGC style controllers are covered until 2013. The pictures in the listing are just some examples of the controllers we can program, yours may not look like the ones pictured. THIS LISTING IS NOT FOR DIESEL.

When you receive the computer back, before installation disconnect the battery and unplug the skim module, tuck the wiring out of the way. You will no longer need it. Install the engine computer back in the vehicle and reconnect the battery. The vehicle will now start without the SKIM module connected.

After this process is done the vehicle will now function without the need for the SKIM. You may notice that the security light is now on. This is normal. This may or may not happen depending on model.

You should now also be able to have spare keys cut that do not need to be programmed.

One day turn around so that you can get your vehicle back up and running quickly.



1. Once you have confirmed that we can perform the service, complete the purchase as well as payment.  After purchase you will have an order number.  Please send a printout of the email sent to you or include your order number on a written piece of paper with all of your contact information.  This lets us know when you send us the computer that it's yours and enables us match it up with your order.

2. You are responsible for shipping to us.  We do not send you a shipping label.  Box up the computer (Pack it well)  along with your information mentioned in step 1 and send it to the following address. 


18221 State Route 58

Wellington OH 44090

3.  Once the service is completed we will ship the computer back to you.  


This service is not designed to work with a WCM if the vehicle is in factory form.  It can present complications in some circumstances and is the responsibility of the end user to circumvent any necessary body control systems if the vehicle is WCM equipped.